MA-VI Trade brings good food to kitchens all over the world, putting soul and heart in the business of the best Made in Italy food products.

Why choose Ma Vi Trade?

MA-VI Trade is the protagonist in the export of Italian food and wine products around the world. Our company, led by a twenty-year experience on the international market, continues to grow and become an increasingly recognized reference for export of Made in Italy excellence.

We have always been active in the import-export sector, providing our customers with our expertise, reliability and high quality standards. We are the ideal partners for all those who wish to import good Italian food in their country.


We believe that healthy eating means to love oneself and take care of their own health.

That’s why we select the best Italian foods and export them all over the world.





The motors of every choice are the high quality, safety and authenticity of the products.

So, every day for 20 years, we take care of our customers with passion, commitment and experience. Always, inspired by you!