MA-VI Trade is a leader in the import and sale of wood

MA-VI Trade is a leader in the import and sale of wood

ie poles of Scots Pine for vineyards, orchards, gardens and other products related to agricultural activity. In addition, we supply chestnut poles, accessories for vineyards, orchards, anchors, acacia supports, iron rods, planks, joists and pellets.

Scots Pine poles are produced in Poland only from certified forests and are available with the bark removed or in the turned version. Suitable to vineyards, orchards, anti-hail systems and gardens.

The entire range of garden products is available: from grills to fences, to flowerpots and roll borders to take care about the beauty of green spaces, from tables to pergolas, to gazebos, to floors and to swings, to spend pleasant moments of relaxation.

The choice of raw materials

We are focusing on selecting suppliers that meet high-tech production standards and accurate finished product control.

One of our strengths is the selection of materials. For example, the Scots Pine, purchased in Poland from FSC certified forests. FSC wood has a verifiable life cycle throughout the production, up to the finished product and it is guaranteed for the full respect and sustainable use of forest resources.

Impregnation with advanced technology ensures a long life of our products.

The 3 working phases:

  • removing the bark / turning of the poles;
  • drying of natural wood;
  • impregnation.

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