Vegan made in Italy

The theme of nutrition is among the most critical of our time, but what are the eating habits of consumers today both nationally and globally? Vegan food helps to prevent dysfunctions such as excess cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. This is why in Italy the interest in healthy food and in the vegan sector is constantly growing. The most important data that emerges is certainly that of a new approach to food, characterized by an increasing focus on the health aspects of food, in the awareness that proper nutrition is the most appropriate tool to maintain physical well-being.


Ethics, health and ecology – the reasons that lead to choosing a healthy diet


The reasons that lead to the exclusion of many commonly used foods from our diet are many and varied: let’s not forget that almost all religions impose diets that provide for the exclusion of certain types of meat, at least for some specific time periods. Vegetarian religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. The vegetarian diet can also be embraced for ecological reasons – intensive farming is in fact considered by many to be harmful to the ecosystem – ethical (to make animals suffer is considered an unacceptable violence) but also for health reasons: think for example to those who are intolerant or allergic to lactose or milk proteins or to whom, due to cardiovascular problems, must renounce the carnivorous diet.


Healthy food


Omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, fruitarian: what is common today to all these paths and choices of life is the growing attention in the purchase and the greater interest in healthy foods. We are dealing with a public that is increasingly attentive to the origin and supply chain of food. Food as a source of well-being is a growing trend, which offers benefits not only to consumers but also to producers and distributors. It is necessary that the latter are aware of the change in mentality of consumers and implement policies for the development of new products, increasingly natural and less processed. The transition to the new type of food cannot be taken for granted, both from the point of view of supply and from that of demand. It is necessary to undertake a cultural journey, which leads to the adoption of increasingly sustainable nutritional models and in line with the demographic trends that distinguish the new millennium.

This is why Mavi Trade, which boasts twenty years of experience in the traditional food sector, recently decided to undertake this new challenge and export Italian plant-based products, to satisfy even the most demanding customers. In particular, the Group is interested in and exports unique and high quality made in Italy products, mostly “free from” like vegetable alternatives to cheese and meat, fine cereal cakes, artisanal pasta and much more.

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