The best flavors of Italian cuisine in all pantries all around the world.

MA-VI Trade, an exporter of agro-food and wine and culinary products, has always promoted the culture of healthy food. So, thanks to a careful selection of all partners, only excellent quality products are selected.

MA-VI Trade brings the Italian culinary tradition in the MMR and in the Food service, through a wide range of Made in Italy products.

MA-VI Trade selection for tailor-made export

To ensure the quality of the products there are selected raw materials, careful and thorough manufacturing at the production stage as well as the packaging that aims to keep unaltered the natural properties of the product.
MA-VI Trade offers ad hoc solutions to foreign markets, in order to meet all the needs, not only about taste but also about the supply for all sales channels.

The protagonists of mediterranean cuisine

To let you better know the range of pantry products, we would like to present them with some details.

  • Vegetables. Tomato is the undisputed protagonist to accompany first and second courses, as well as starters and topping of pizzas and buns. Tomato is able to enrich many recipes along with mushrooms, artichokes, onions, olives and capers, in the various varieties to create tasty and savoury appetizers and side dishes. For the most delicious and imaginative recipes, pickled and/or marinated  vegetables or stir-fried in oil are suitable for all cooking styles.
  • Tomato: peeled, cubed or in pulp
  • Artichokes: whole, with stems, segmented, grilled, etc.
  • Olives: black, green, giant, whole, sliced, flavored, etc.
  • Vegetables: in oil, natural, vegetable sauces.
  • Rice. Versatile for all types of recipes, both classical and the most innovative.
  • Fish. Anchovies, shrimps, clams and tuna, ideal for preparing appetizers, pizzas, salads and gourmet dishes.
  • Oil. The condiment par excellence of Mediterranean tradition. The nutritional properties and the typical aroma add quality to the best dishes.
  • Fruit and sweets. The delicacy of fruits and puddings, semifreddos, creams and ice creams to enjoy delicious desserts.

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