Cured meat

Cured meats are protagonists in prestigious Italian PDO kitchens recognized all over the world.

MA-VI, exporter of Made in Italy cured meats, tastes and unique flavors, is the perfect partner to bring the best Italian food on the tables all around the world. Always attentive to the selection of gastronomic excellence, it puts all the experience and availability at disposal of MMR and food service, in order to meet every need of the international market.

If you want to promote the best Italian products abroad, we are able to find the best solution for your needs. Discover the Italian gastronomic tradition through our quality selection.

Best Italian cold cuts and hams

A mix of flavors offered by MA-VI Trade to satisfy the palates among the most passionate about good food and Italian culinary tradition. Starting from cooked and cured hams, until speck and bresaola. Moreover, to enrich the scene, there are also salami, mortadella, coppa and bacon.Their versatility makes them the best ingredients for many recipes. Rolled up on a breadstick, lying on a plateau or used to create tasty dishes, they may accompany lighter meals as well as the most challenging dishes.

  • Hams. Cooked or cured, Parma Ham and San Daniele Ham are the most appreciated ones. The first ones are tastier and more delicate, while the second ones are more ripened.
  • Speck. It is smoked with maple and beech wood and with juniper berries and it is followed by a ripening of at least five months. To be tasted in thin slices or cubes to enrich pasta and other recipes.
  • Bresaola. A raw beef sausage, naturally ripened. It is is characterized by a bright red color, a slightly aromatic scent and a strong flavor. To be tasted in carpaccio, flavoured with oil, lemon and pepper and accompanied with salads, bread and fresh cheeses.
  • Salami. Protagonists of the best Italian gastronomy. These are processed and ripened products according to tradition: Milano Salami, Napoli Salami, rough grinding, spicy sausage for pizza, Ventricina.

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